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It's easy to get wrapped up in all the academics, administration, financial issues, housing woes, etc.... At some point you have to decompress. Part of that process is getting out in the world and meeting people with both similar and different backgrounds in a more casual, fun environment. Sometimes it's just participating or watching a sporting event. Check our list below for opportunities to enhance your lifestyle while living in terp territory!

Community | Student Organizations | Athletics | Arts | Religion


Graduate Student Life

Grad school is tough enough without community and support, GSL is a space just for grad students to build community and support one another.

STAMP Student Union

The center of campus life, the Adele H. Stamp Student Union is a hub of action for student organizations, the University Bookstore, and so much more.

Student Entertainment Events (SEE)

The principal student programming board responsible for producing and supporting events that entertain, enhance, and inspire a diverse campus culture at the University of Maryland.

Multicultural Involvement Community Advocacy (MICA)

A unit within the Adele H. Stamp Student Union and the Division of Student Affairs, MICA faciliates education on issues of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, religion and their intersections.

LGBTQ Center

A unit of the University of Maryland that reports to the Chief Diversity Officer and provides learning opportunities, leadership information, and resources for the LGBTQ community.

Leadership Community Service Learning (LCSL)

LCSL engages students in experiential and community-based learning to foster socially responsible leadership.

Black Graduate Student Union (Facebook)

A support network that provides opportunities in community building, social advocacy, professional development, and more for black graduate students at UMD.

Veterans Student Life

With UMD's growing community of veteran and military-related students, Veteran Student Life supports and fosters a community to help make a seamless transition from military life to civilian college life.

Undocumented Student Involvement

Undocumented students are a vital part of our campus community and UMD strives to ensure their safety, involvement, and support as part of the Terp Nation.


Graduate Student Government (GSG)

Make  your voice heard with GSG, the official representative body for graduate students at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Student Organizations

A list of culturally-based student groups from the Division of Student Affairs on the STAMP site.

Clubs at UMD-College Park

The Door of Clubs list of UMD student clubs.


University Recreation & Wellness

Gateway page for intramural sports open to the entire University of Maryland community. Registration, handbooks, waivers and information on the Adventure Program that provides opportunities for outdoor activities like hikes in and around the DMV area.

UMD Recreation & Wellness - Club Directory

The list of University Recreation & Wellness supported club sports recognized by the SGA.

UMD Athletics

Atheletic news. Schedules. Rosters. Statistics. Tickets. Terrapin Club. Gameday info. Pretty much everything you need to know about UMD athletic teams.

TERPLink (Graduate Student Events)

Looking for anything related to graduate student events? This might be a good place to start.

TERPLink (Graduate Student Organizations)

A comprehensive listing and descriptions of UMD graduate student organizations.

TERPLink (Graduate Student News)

A wide-ranging listing of news related to graduate student happenings and needs.

Student Ticket Information

Looking for tickets to a game? Need to know where the seats are? Start with the student ticket page on the Athletics site.


The Clarice

Get in touch with your artistic side by finding a creative event and planning  your visit. All the information you need on the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center.

STAMP Gallery

A contemporary gallery for emerging and mid-career artists offering great learning opportunities at the Stamp Student Union.

Studio A

Studio A is an interactive center encouraging the self-expression and self-development of the UMD community. They offer a creative outlet for folks via non-credit courses in the arts.


Religious Services

Can't find faith? You'll find it here with links to the Memorial Chapel, College Park religious organizations, and the Interfaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington.

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